High-performance industrial encoders and sensor experts; professional after-sales support, 2-year warranty. RS485 (MODbus RTU), CANbus, CANopen, SSI, 4~20mA, 0~5/10V, incremental, etc.

Single-turn absolute encoder

Single turn 0~ 360° absolute, power-off memory; can do electronic multi-turn, up to millions of turns; can set ID, baud rate

Multi-turn absolute encoder

Precision mechanical gear, multi-turn, without internal battery; industrial-grade encoder with minimum dimensions of 27*27mm; passed EMC testing.

Linear displacement sensor

Communication interface (RS485, CANopen, SSI, etc.), analog output (4-20mA, 0-5/10V), incremental type

Waterproof encoder, explosion-proof encoder

IP68 waterproof (1m depth), dust-proof, salt spray resistant, shock-resistant; up to 17-bit resolution; national explosion-proof certification

Waterproof, explosion-proof displacement sensor

IP68 waterproof (1m depth), dust-proof, salt spray resistant, shock-resistant; national explosion-proof certification; parameter setting via upper computer

Incremental optical encoder

Compatible with Omron E6B2 series, Ouyang, and other brand encoders; industrial-grade optical incremental encoder

Absolute encoder product features

Absolute, power-off memory
Mechanical, multi-turn gears

Our patented technology uses a metal gear structure and internal algorithms, eliminating the need for an internal battery. Each position ensures absolute positioning without any pulse loss or accumulated errors.

Smallest absolute encoder with power-off memory

After power-off, it doesn’t need zero recalibration. It reads current position directly, with a minimum single-turn diameter of 25mm and multi-turn minimum of 27mm.

Strong anti-interference, PLC support, and free PC software.

It supports various PLCs, has passed EMC testing, and allows easy parameter setting and debugging via SCADA software.

“When switching from other brands to Breet encoders, they actively cooperated in the initial application setup. When compatibility issues arose, they worked on customizing the firmware, effectively resolving the problems. After long-term operation, their encoders have been stable and cost-effective, saving the company significant costs.”
10 years collaborating with our clients.
Technical engineer
million cycles of rope fatigue life
Displacement sensor product features

Reciprocating tensile motion. Tested fatigue life of 5 million cycles.

  • Ceramic exit port, reduces friction, enhances the lifespan of steel ropes
  • High precision, linear accuracy of 0.1%, repeatability accuracy of 0.01%
  • Special pull head and steel rope fixation: 10x stronger than competitors
  • Allow 15° deflection angle, exit port allows circumferential angular deviation
  • Nylon stainless steel rope: 0.8mm diameter, imported stainless steel wire
Reasons for choosing us

Factory direct sales, decade-long brand
Technical support, famous chinese brand with research and production

Direct factory sales, supporting various customizations such as custom shafts, custom cable lengths, custom electrical connectors, custom labels, etc. The company is ISO9001 certified, with all products undergoing 100% factory testing to ensure quality, backed by a two-year warranty.

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Assisting you in selecting models, electrical parameters, installation structures, wiring methods, etc.

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Shenzhen Briter Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing company specializing in the research and production of encoders and displacement sensors. With advanced technology and innovative production processes, particularly in multi-turn encoders known for their small size, high stability, and mechanical gear structure, our products are widely used in automation, robotics, aerospace, medical equipment, and intelligent driving industries. Committed to delivering high-quality sensor solutions, we uphold principles of technological innovation and customer satisfaction.

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Industry Applications

Encoders convert rotational or linear motion into digital signals, which are then sent to controllers to monitor parameters such as speed, rate, direction, distance, or position. Since 2001, millions of Briter encoders have been widely used across nearly every industry to meet countless feedback needs.

Choosing the right encoder and understanding its role in motion control systems is crucial. To assist with this, we have compiled typical application cases categorized by industry. This resource will help you find the encoder that suits your motion control application.


Our Certifications

ISO9001 Quality Certification, CE Certification, Vibration Testing, Shock Testing, IP68 Waterproof Certification, Explosion-Proof Certification, Salt Spray Test, and Patent Certificates, among others.