Two-year Warranty

Thank you for choosing our product and showing interest in our warranty service! We offer a 2-year warranty period during which we ensure that our product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use conditions. Our warranty covers issues such as manufacturing defects, and if any problems are found, we provide corresponding services including free repairs, replacements, or refunds.

Please note that our warranty service applies only under normal usage conditions and does not cover damage due to misuse, accidents, improper handling, or unauthorized repairs. If you encounter any issues during the warranty period, please contact our customer service team immediately with proof of purchase and detailed information about the issue. We are committed to providing you with high-quality products and excellent after-sales service to ensure your satisfaction and trust.

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After-sales Support

“Thank you for your support of our product! We provide personalized after-sales support with dedicated technical engineers who will patiently guide you through product usage and answer any questions you have. Our service team will communicate directly with you to provide customized assistance and support. Whatever issues you encounter with the product, we will be there to ensure you can use it smoothly. Please feel free to contact us anytime; we are happy to help!”

After-sales support hotline: 400-1985-888 (press 2)