100A DC High Frequency H-bridge Dual Channel Motor Drive Module


Can be used to drive general high-power DC motors with a maximum current of 100A.

Suitable for robot competitions, chariot competitions, and smart car competitions.


100A Direct Motor Drive Moduel

Ultra-wide voltage motor driver (theoretical up to 60V), generally up to 48V, this module uses a 10M high-speed optocoupler to isolate the input signal, effectively preventing the interference signal from the drive board from interfering with the control board. Make the system more stable and reliable, and this module uses high-quality brand new original power tube, so the highest rated current can reach 100A.

1. The basic components of the drive module body are patches, high integration, well-designed board layout, very beautiful, small size, onboard two high-power DC motor drive, the size of the drive module is only 80mm*70mm;

2. The large heat sink can effectively dissipate heat for the drive module when the current is large, and maintain the stable performance of the module;

3. When driving the motor, the maximum rated current of the module can reach 100A, and the on-resistance is only 0.0015 ohm;

4. The switching frequency is high, up to 60KHZ, which effectively avoids the unpleasantness caused by the low frequency of the commissioning motor;

5. The control interface is very simple: 

when A1.A2=0.0, it is brake; 
when A1.A2=1.0, it is forward; 
when A1.A2=0.1, it is reverse; 
PA is PWM wave input (motor speed adjustment); 
G is and Common ground pin of control board (B road is the same control);

6. Both 3.3V and 5V microcontrollers can control this module, and only one motor power supply (12V~48V) is needed;

Wiring Connection

Anti-static Bag Packing (inner box)