Mini Pull Rope Displacement Sensor IP68 Waterproof


Accurate and durable linear position feedback technology.

Absolute encoder technology with RS485 (Modbus RTU)and CAN interface.

Measuring range:500mm.

Small/mini size: 27*27*57

  • CAN+DC5V
  • CAN+DC24V
  • RS485+DC5V
  • RS485+DC24V
  • 10bit
  • 12bit

Ultra-small size for easy integration

Product advantages: small size, easy installation and use, reliable operation, and cost-effective. 
it is an ideal solution for linear positioning and stroke displacement feedback. 
Multiple output interface: RS485 (Modbus RTU), CAN. 
Linear accuracy: ±0.1%, Repeatability accuracy: ±0.01%. 
The use of 6061 high-strength aluminum alloy material, high strength, anti-static interference, 
Long service life, can ensure safe operation in harsh environments.

0.8mm pull rope diameter and 49 strands of imported wire rope with outer nylon coating. which is more strength, service life is longer.

Standard stainless steel pull head, which can be connected in both directions.

With high protection grade IP68, it can be used in water and outdoor.


Wiring Connection

wiring connection of an absolute rotary encoder
Red wire
Power Supply
Black wire
Yellow wire
Green wire
White wire
  1. Please pay attention to the voltage value (5V, 24V) on the encoder label before power on. Make sure to supply power accordingly.
  2. Set zero position: connect yellow wire to ground (black wire) more than 100mS.
  3. Please do not connect the yellow wire to anywhere during working except when it is needs to be set zero position.
  4. Restore the factory setting function: after power off, connect the yellow wire to ground (the black wire). Powered on again, it can be reset after 2 minutes, and separate the two wires after reset.


Pull rope displacement sensor is especially suitable for linear guideway system, hydraulic cylinder system, testing machine, telescopic system (forklift, press, elevator, pipe bender, bending machine, etc.). Crane or cable winch, reservoir dam protection system, gate opening control system, testing machine pressure machinery, hydraulic universal experimental machinery, storage location, pressure machinery, paper machinery, textile machinery, sheet metal machinery, packaging machinery, printing machinery, horizontal controller, construction machinery, horizontal controller, industrial robot, injection machine, woodworking machinery, elevator, air compressor, hydraulic press, height machine. X-Y axis and other length displacement and other related size measurement and position control, can replace the raster ruler, other applications can be customized, can achieve low-cost and high-precision measurement.

Display length and speed.
Configurable LED electronic display screen.
Visually display the state of motion.

Precautions for Safe Use

  • The pull wire displacement sensor is installed in a fixed position, and when the pull head is pulled out, it is strictly forbidden to release the hand and let the cable retract instantly; the end of the rope is on the moving object, and the movement should be kept barrier-free, and the cable should be pulled out vertically during installation.
  • Disassembly is strictly prohibited by non-technical personnel. if necessary, please disassemble and reinstall under the guidance of technicians.
  • When installing the stainless steel rope, the angle control should be paid attention to. If necessary, the pulley can be appropriately increased to change the direction, so as to ensure the measurement accuracy and the service life of the cable, and prevent the line from rubbing against the outlet.
  • In the process of use, excessive dust impurities should be reduced as far as possible, which can easily lead to the failure of the plastic coating of steel cable or the failure of operation.
  • Please confirm the wiring when the power is off, and note that the wrong wiring may cause the encoder mainboard to burn out.

User Manual