IP67 Waterproof Single-turn Absolute Encoder


Key Features:

Power-off memory, no battery required

Highest precision: 32768P/R

Protection grade: IP67

Interface: RS485, CANbus, SSI

Shaft Type: 6mm solid shaft, 8mm solid shft.

  • 6mm Solid shaft
  • 8mm solid shaft
10bit (1024P/R)
  • 10bit (1024P/R)
  • 12bit (4096P/R)
  • 14bit (16384P/R)
  • 15bit (32768P/R)
  • DC5V
  • DC24V
  • CAN
  • RS485
  • SSI

IP67 Protention Grade Single-turn Absolute Encoders

InterfaceRS485 (Modbus RTU), RS232CANSSI
Shaft TypeSolid ShaftSolid ShaftSolid ShaftSolid ShaftSolid ShaftSolid Shaft
Shaft Diameter6mm 8mm 6mm 8mm 6mm 8mm 
Body Diameter40mm 50mm 40mm 50mm 40mm 50mm 
Resolution1024P/R(10bit),4096P/R(12bit), 16384P/R(14bit), 32768P/R(15bit) 1024P/R(10bit),4096P/R(12bit) 
Working VoltageDC5V, DC24V (9~30V)DC5V

New Feature: If the power always keeps on, the single-turn encoder can be used as an electronic multi-turn encoder (but this function does not have the power-off memory feature), the total turns can be counted up to one million turns or more. Now that it has the measuring speed function, which is easy for users to calculate. When it is used as a single turn absolute encoder, any position within the measuring range is unique, even if there is interference or movement after power break, the position information will not be lost.

Mechanical Drawing

With All these Types of mounting shafts, the Absolute encoder is suitable for almost any application.

6mm Solid Shaft with tail output

8mm Solid Shaft with side output

Electrical Characteristics

Electrical Parameters

Mechanical parameters

Environment Parameters

Wiring Connection

wiring connection of an absolute rotary encoder
Red wirePower Supply
Black wireGND
Yellow wireZ0Z0CS
Green wire485BCANHCLK
White wire485ACANLDO
  1. Please pay attention to the voltage value (5V, 24V) on the encoder label before power on. Make sure to supply power accordingly.
  2. Set zero position: connect yellow wire to ground (black wire) more than 100mS.
  3. Please do not connect the yellow wire to anywhere during working except when it is needs to be set zero position.
  4. Restore the factory setting function: after power off, connect the yellow wire to ground (the black wire). Powered on again, it can be reset after 2 minutes, and separate the two wires after reset.

Software Interface

We provide RS485 host computer software, which is convenient for you to test directly on the PC.

For details, please refer to the file “How to use Briterencoder Software” on the download page.

Briterencoder Model Description

Single-turn Absolute Rotary Encoder User Manual